Stile Italia di Francesco Verardo is a company that operates within the automotive composites branch.

From its ten years experience it reached a level of professional knowledge which means the ability to develop carbon fibre or fibreglass items’ projects from scratch to series production.

The company owner can help his customers develop their own projects, no matter if they are private citizens or business companies, starting from basic drawing renderings, raw sketches, 3d files, or just ideas in their head.


Stile Italia not only operates in the automotive market by creating and selling soft tuning bodykits for production cars and motorbikes, but also happens to have to do with any sort of enquiries which concern design skills.











july 2006 - Francesco Verardo (owner) of Stile Italia (left) with mr. Jano Djelalian (general manager) of Autodelta UK (right) revealing to the public the Autodelta Alfa Romeo Brera J5 3.2 Compressore at Hotel Metropole in Montecarlo.


You can see below renderings and sketches that gave Stile Italia the main lines to follow in its front bumper and rear spoiler creation for Autodelta UK, the world-wide popular Alfa Romeo specialist : the result is a precise reproduction in 1:1 scale respecting every detail of simple 2d drawings.




To obtain such a result every single step of the project must be followed with attention:

3d rendering, prototyping, moulding, series producing.


Stile Italia series production parts are mainly done in fibreglass like most of aftermarket bodykits but quality is much better thanks to first quality materials and the way of working: we never rush. Quality first, time then.

All production is made in italy.


It is possible to ask for production of carbon fibre and kevlar parts, and poliurethane or ABS if necessary.


Stile Italia can create one-off supercars by customers’ taste and demand.

Visit the car gallery and products shop to see our state of the art works.

You can see below some samples.






Stile Italia can paint and fit its own products and also repair, respray and polish bodyworks.

Also, broken plastic motorbike panels in bits and pieces can be fixed like brand new.